Adaptasi Ekonomi Pengusaha Agribisnis Tahu dalam Menghadapi Kenaikan Harga Kedelai di Kabupaten Banjar

Yusuf Azis


This research was aimed to determine economic adaptation options that were
done by tofu agribusinessmen and how much the effect of these economic
adaptation choices to the cost, revenue, profit and feasibility of this business.
The results showed that the significant increase of soybeans price caused tofu
agribusinessmen did economic adaptations by reducing number of soybeans
they bought, decreasing tofu production, maintaining size and quality of tofu,
and increasing selling price of tofu. By doing those things, total cost, revenue, profit and feasibility of business were decreased by Rp 81,000, Rp 6,435,000, Rp 6,354,000 and 0.03 respectively. However, this business was still feasible to be run.

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