Motivasi Berprestasi Mahasiswa Ditinjau dari Penerimaan Orangtua

Marina Dwi Mayangsari


This study aim to determine the impact of  parents acceptance to achievement motivation in students. Subjects were 97 students in Psychology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Lambung Mangkurat University. Measuring instruments used in this study are Achievement Motivation Scale and Parents Acceptance Scale. The results obtained through linear regression shown that the parental acceptance have significant impact to achievement motivation in student, which is every 1 point increase in parental acceptance will increase student achievement motivation by 0,664 points. I’ts known that 42,3% of students had achievement motivation rate  in middle category with 4,3% parents acceptance rate also are in the same category . The effective contribution parents acceptance toward achievement motivation by 17,2%, while 82,8% are influenced by other factors wich’s not examined in this study. It can be concluded that  student achievement motivation viewed from parents acceptance have a significant impact, so that the greater acceptance of the parents it will be higher the level of achievement motivation in students

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